In the world of today, having full knowledge of what is going on around us has become very necessary. This is to ensure safety and to prevent anything or anybody taking undue advantage of us or people that we care about.

Tracking of our devices be it smartphones, pcs, laptops or tablets are measures we take also in protecting ourselves and ensuring that we feel safe. When it comes to tracking of our technological gadgets, a lot of software and applications that have been released to help people in the best way possible. Our smart phones have become part of our lives in every way you can imagine .We use them as mini pcs, means of payment, virtual assistants, mobile work stations and to make presentations.

This is why a phone tracker is needed to keep track of all kinds of activities we do with our smartphones. For this reason, we need to select the very best key logger for android devices as android OS is the most used OS on mobile devices worldwide.


It is very common to see people of different ages have in their possession a smartphone. It has become a necessity and not something only a selected few are privileged to have. Companies are even coming with Smartphone that are very affordable. The only reason you will not own one is if you do not intend to. The increase in crime rate, abductions and other social vices in the society has necessitated the need for having a tracker for android devices.

The Hoverwatch is one of the best keyloggers that allows you spy on your android device, track the location. It is a tracker that records sms, history, calls, audio camera, whatsapp, viber, skype, contacts and internet activities The good thing about this tracker is that you do not have to turn on your GPS to trace the actual location of your android Smartphone. Apart from tracking, the tracker can also spy. You can use it to see what your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend or family member is up to. If you are a parent, this is the app you will need to have in order to track your children.


  • Enables you to keep track of the present location of your android device.
  • When a sim card is changed, with hoverwatch, you will be able to see and know when there is a sim swap.
  • Gives you the opportunity to track up to 5 devices
  • Tracks Whatsapp, Facebook as these are the most used platforms for communication both official and casual and they need to be properly monitored.
  • Parental control: As parents, there is a need to know what your parents are doing with their phones and this tracker lets you know what they are up to in real time.
  • Monitor Employees: Just like Parents, employers seek to know what their employees are doing. As an employer, you want to get the best out of them and monitoring their activities is one way to do that.
  • Starting the front Camera: This is one of the coolest things about this app. You can start the front camera and without the user using, it starts taking snapshots automatically. So you can know who has been with your device without them knowing.
  • Pricing: I have said this over time, trial offers, periods are a great way to win over skeptical people. If you are sure about what you are selling, you should not be afraid to give free trials. This is exactly what hoverwatch offers to those who want to use their keylogger. The premium offer is quite affordable considering all what you stand to gain from using it.



It is a great tracking solution to have for your android device and the raving reviews it has from those who have used is enough testament to how good the keylogger is. Still not convinced? I advise you start with the trial version because you will not regret it. I will like you to leave your comments, observations and questions below.