Whatsapp Spy Software to Use on Your Phone

Whatsapp messenger is an application for smartphone users worldwide. You can download the app free from Google Store or Play Store. This application allows you to chat with individuals who have also installed it. Whatsapp is suitable for Android, iPhone and Mac users.

Did you know you can spy on your partners WhatsApp account? Whatsapp Spy normally allows you to track what happens to the targeted account. Whatsapp Spy allows you to do the following:

  1. Helps you track the time and date of certain situations.
  2. Allows you to follow any contact exchange and chats on the target account.
  3. Helps you retrieve recorded information and the exact time it was sent and received.
  4. Helps you keep track of all other files shared on WhatsApp including audio files and photos.
  5. Allows you to get all the information you need from your target account. You don’t necessarily have to snoop on your spouse’s cell phones.
  6. Allows you to access any information at any time of the day. You can track chats as they happen.

To access WhatsApp spy, you need to install another application to link it with WhatsApp messenger.

Whatsapp spy applications:

1. Hoverwatch

This software allows you to track information from a variety of applications including WhatsApp. Whatsapp chats upload to this software’s control panel where you can view them. You need to be connected to an internet source to access the information

2. Copy9

It is an additional application you need to install to be able to spy on Whatsapp messages. You are required to register and connect your target cell phone. Download the application from the target device and install. Next, log in to your account. View the control panel to see data from the target mobile phone. After the registration process, you don’t need to access the targeted device to track information.

3. Guest spy

Similar to copy9, this app uploads WhatsApp information on your account’s control panel. The primary requirement is access to a source of internet. This WhatsApp spy also tracks information from other sites like emails, call logs and GPS location.

4. SpyStealth premium

This WhatsApp spy app is well known for quality features. You need to download the app on the target device. Configure it and install. Next, open your account to access recorded information from the target device. You can also use this app to spy on other sites as well.

5. Mspy

This WhatsApp spy software can be used to closely follow your employees or children. Similar to other apps you need to download, install and configure. You can then access the spy information from your account’s control panel.


Whatsapp spy applications are easy to download, install and use. You no longer have to worry about what happens on your spouse’s cell phone. It is a suitable application to use if you want to keep track of your employee’s conversations too. You can also track your children’s Whatsapp history. It will avoid the inappropriate exchange of content with their peers.



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